Tear Drop banner with ground spike

These Tear Drop Banners are custom printed with your design to promote indoor or outdoor depending on your promotional marketing plan.
You will need to consider a few of the following aspects for your plan. Please read below base options for this product. 
Our strong long lasting material made from: 110g knitted polyester.
Printing custom design: This can be printed one or two sides, same or different designs on either side.
Base suggestions: see above image: 
Water Bags:  can also be ordered together. Should you plan your Tear Drop banner for outdoor use, you can fill up water in the bags and add extra weight to the base so the wind does not blow them over
Rotate base: Light weight good for indoor usage
Heavy base: More suited for out door use, yet still easy to move around.
Flat base: Suited for indoor or outdoor use, however it’s more on the heavy side @ 5kg, so it’s definitely good for out door use.
Ground spike: This is perfect for golf days and general out door lawn and garden use for easy installation put up and take down daily.

Suggested sizes available or custom size: see image above
Pole: 2.8m, flag 166x75cm. (Most common size) 
Pole: 3.6m, flag 200x90cm.
Pole: 4.6m, flag 290x110cm.
Pole: 5.6m, flag 350x130cm.